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🍕 Add half servings

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Shared by Max • January 11, 2024

Now, you can add half or partial portions of the dish at the POS register. This feature allows ordering partial items. For instance, you can offer two different half pizzas or half a bowl of salad.

💡 To add half portion click on the dish in an open order. Click −0.5 to get a half portion or "+0.5" to make one and a half portions. You can also enter a custom value, like "0.25" to get a quarter. Price and cost of ingredients will be calculated based on the portion size.

☝️ Adding full portions remains the same. To add two or three portions of the item, click +1 or + next to the dish in the order.

☝️ Half portion is unavailable for:

  • Products
  • Items sold by weight
  • Dishes with modifiers

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