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πŸ“₯ Download QR Codes for printing with Poster QR

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Shared by Max β€’ January 31, 2024

Now you can choose different sticker designs, link QR codes to your tables and download any number of stickers.

πŸ’» Go to Poster QR β†’ QR Codes and click on Get QR Codes. Choose the QR Code for location option, specify how many codes you need, and click Download digital version for self-Printing. Such QR codes must be placed on your tables and cashier area to lead customers into Menu/Feedback hub.

πŸ’‘To print QR codes for business cards or delivery packaging, click QR Code for branded print. These QR codes are leading to your website introducing customers to your brand and facilitating online orders on your website.

❗️Note that linking QR stickers to particular tables does not allow placing orders from these tables. It's for browsing QR menu and leaving Feedback only. We're expecting to add placing orders soon.

πŸ“– Learn more in How to activate QR codes in Poster QR