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News: QR Hub

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Shared by Max • February 09, 2024

We're bringing something new to Poster QR - it's called QR Hub. You already know how Poster QR provides websites for your cafe. Now, QR Hub is here to make experience for your dine-in customers smoother.

What's QR Hub? QR Hub is a simple extra we've added. It gives your customers options when they scan a QR code at your place. They can:

  • See your menu.
  • Share feedback about your service.

Why QR Hub?

  • Easy Feedback: Customers can let you know what they think, right from their phones.
  • Better Experience: Using separate QR codes for the tables inside and for your takeout packaging or business cards makes more sense and space for future upgrades of Poster QR particularly in the dine-in area.
  • Works with Your Website: If you've got a Poster QR website, QR Hub fits right in, adding more to what you already offer.

We hope QR Hub makes a good new piece for your cafe, helping you and your customers enjoy even more of what you do.