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Introducing Butcheries tool in Poster

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Shared by Max • May 07, 2024

Now in Poster, you can break down or reprocess one product into another. We invite you to try it in Inventory → Butcheries.

  • Break down products from different storage locations and instantly select a storage for the resulting products – no additional transfers or deductions needed.
  • Easily manage the cost of the resulting products.
  • Reprocess stock leftovers on any current or past date.

Let's dive deeper into where butcheries will become an indispensable helper to simplify inventory management.

  • If you purchase a whole carcass of meat, fish, or poultry, create the corresponding ingredient and add it to the inventory, then break it down into parts: poultry into fillets, wings, thighs, and soup sets; fish into steaks, bones, and more. With one action, set the cost and distribute the new products to the appropriate storage locations.
  • Reprocess eggs into whites and yolks, yesterday's bread into croutons or breadcrumbs, and leftover tomatoes into sauce. This function is perfect if you do not plan regular production and need to transform one type of leftover into another immediately.
  • Or transform products into ingredients and vice versa. For example, if you decide to uncork a bottle of wine from the bar that's listed as a product, transform it into the ingredient "Wine," measured in liters, and serve it by the glass.

☝️ Butcheries are available in Pro pricing plan. To use this feature, update your plan in Settings → Billing or contact support.

📖 What are Butcheries and how to work with them