Latest News from the Poster POS team

Updated Contacts in Poster QR

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Shared by Max β€’ November 30, 2023

Check out our refreshed contacts in the QR menu. To make them more appealing and comprehensive, we:

  • Introduced Wi-Fi Access Fields. Guests can now connect to Wi-Fi on their own. Find Wi-Fi details at the bottom of the QR Menu.
  • Revamped our Social Media List. You can now link your restaurant's social media, making it easier for guests to connect with you.

πŸ’‘ All the latest contact details and links can be added in the management console. Just go to Poster QR β†’ Settings β†’ Contact information.

  • New Side Panel Feature. There's a handy ≑ button at the top right, leading to contacts and extra pages on the website.

πŸ’‘ Create your own extra pages in Poster QR β†’ Web structure β†’ Sub-pages. This could be anything from special offers, the story behind your business, to current job openings.

These updates are available in both mobile and desktop versions of the QR menu.


Accrual dates available for POS transactions

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Shared by Max β€’ November 15, 2023

Great news! You can now set accrual dates for POS transactions, just like in the management console. This is especially handy when back-dating salaries or allocating minor expenses paid out from the cash register.

How to Use It?

When adding a transaction at the POS register:

  1. Enable Accrual Date switch.
  2. Set your preferred date and time.

The funds will be deducted instantly from your cash register account. However, the transaction will be logged in your Profit & Loss (P&L) report on the chosen accrual date.

Setting Up for POS Transactions:

Before you start, make sure to:

  • Enable Display on the POS and Include in P&L for necessary categories under Finances β†’ Categories in your management console.

Reminder: Ensure your location is linked to a cash account before initiating transactions at the POS register.


Increased Font Size for Tickets

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Shared by Max β€’ November 14, 2023

We understand that small fonts can pose a challenge, especially in kitchen environments with high humidity and heat. This can be a particular issue for cooks whose hands are often moist or covered with common things like oil, flour, or sauces.

Good News: You can now increase the font size on your tickets! Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your Poster POS register.
  2. Tap ≑ β†’ Devices at the top right.
  3. Select a printer from the device list.
  4. Switch to Settings.
  5. Enable Increased ticket font size.

πŸš€ This update is now live and available to all customers!


Order Clearing Confirmation ✨

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Shared by Max β€’ November 10, 2023

Heads up! We've added a confirmation step when you clear an order. No more "oops" moments! Now you'll get a quick pop-up to double-check before any order disappears for good.

To clear order:

  1. Open an order at the POS register.
  2. Click β€’β€’β€’ β†’ Clear order.
  3. Confirm clearing order.
  4. That's about it!

Clear with confidence.

Management console

Retroactive Dish Editing

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Shared by Max β€’ November 08, 2023

We are excited to announce retroactive editing. Now you can edit your dishes and preparations, changing ingredients and quantities in their previous sales.

Normally such recipe updates would apply only to future sales, causing report discrepancies when dishes were sold before updating their recipes in Poster.
🚧 Retroactive dish editing is currently in early access. We invite you to explore it and share your feedback. Kindly note that this feature is still being developed and improved. It might become exclusive to specific pricing plans.

To edit a dish retroactively:

  1. Go to Menu β†’ Dishes.
  2. Select a dish and click β€’β€’β€’ β†’ Retroactive editing
  3. Choose a time frame to update ingredients in previous sales.
  4. Add ingredients, remove them, or change quantity.
  5. Click Save.

Once saved, Poster will apply new recipes to your previous sales and recalculate their stock deductions and costs.

Find a detailed guide on How to edit a dish retroactively here.

Management console

Movable products and categories in Poster QR

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Shared by Max β€’ October 31, 2023

Rearrange how items and categories appear on your QR menu or website for online ordering.

  • We've put together items and categories into a single Menu tab to make managing your QR menu or catalog for online orders easier.
  • Drag and drop items or categories to change their sequence on the QR menu or website. Move items between or within categories. Create subcategories by dragging one category over another. Detach subcategories from their parent category by moving them away.

πŸ’‘ To do this, go to Applications β†’ Poster QR. Then, select the Menu tab. Hover over the item or category you want to move. Click and hold ::: to drag it wherever you need. Changes made will be reflected immediately on My Site, located at the top right.

  • We've added quick search and filters, so you can find and sort needed items easily.

Category Navigation in Poster QR

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Shared by Max β€’ October 30, 2023

Poster QR now features two category levels: main and nested. When customers open the QR menu, they'll first see main categories. To explore nested subcategories, just tap the main category.

Categories like ’Cocktails' and 'Coffee' can be grouped under 'Drinks'. While 'Appetizers' and 'Pasta' placed under 'Food'. This makes it easier for guests to spot major categories and decide what they're in the mood for.

Check out how your menu looks on a smartphone and edit categories using our knowledge base guide.

πŸ’‘ A two-level menu is available when there's at least one nested subcategory in your Poster QR β†’ Menu tab.

Management console

Poster Shop becomes Poster QR

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Shared by Max β€’ October 30, 2023

Poster Shop has become Poster QR and is now located in the Poster POS back office

Manage your QR menu and online ordering website all in one back office. Edit dish descriptions, and highlight bestsellers in Applications β†’ Poster QR.

More updates for Poster QR are coming soon, which will significantly expand the app's features.

Stay tuned πŸ””

Management console

P&L and accrual date of the transactions

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Shared by Oleksandr β€’ October 26, 2023

We’re excited to announce two complementary features coming to Poster:

  • P&L report
  • Accrual date of the transactions.

What is P&L report?

This is a comprehensive overview of your profit and loss for a chosen time frame. The P&L report provides details on your revenue from sales and services, expenses from dish costs, discounts or transactions, and so on.

What is Accrual date?

For instance, let's say you owe rent for August. Even if you make the payment in the first week of September, this expense should be recorded in your August P&L report. Here accrual date comes at hand, allowing you to incorporate September transactions into your August P&L report.

🚧 P&L is currently in early access. We invite you to explore it and share your feedback. Kindly note that this feature is still being developed and improved, it may eventually be billed separately from your Poster subscription.

Find more about P&L and Accrual date in our guides:


Renaming devices on POS

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Shared by Max β€’ October 26, 2023

Introducing the option to edit device names at the POS register. Set your own name for the device at the POS depending on:

  • Operation area, such as Kitchen printer or Bar printer.
  • Purpose, for instance as a Bar Ticket printer.

To set a custom name:

  1. Go to ≑ β†’ Devices.
  2. Select a device and click on its name.
  3. Enter a custom device name.
  4. Click anywhere to apply changes.

Note that changing device name does not sync across multiple POS registers. Each device has to be renamed manually on each POS register.