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πŸ’ͺ🏼 P&L beta testing is complete!

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Shared by Max β€’ June 06, 2024

P&L has successfully passed beta testing and, became a standalone feature from May 22.

P&L demo report with data from the last 7 days is now available to everyone. To unlock the full reporting period and export features, purchase a subscription in the Finance β†’ P&L tab.

Pricing: $10/mo for the first location in your account and $5/mo for each additional location. Available in all plans.

Let’s take a look at the changes P&L has undergone since beta testing began last October.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations in your account, you can now see financial metrics for each one separately, as well as the total for all locations.

πŸ’‘ Transactions and stock deductions related to 2 locations at the same time are placed in the 'Uncategorized' column.

Percentage Column

To display the ratio of profit and loss to revenue, click Columns β†’ Percentages. This shows the percentage of different income and expense categories relative to revenue, making management decisions easier.

Movable Columns

Move columns around to compare their amounts and percentages for the different months. To do this, click and hold the column title to drag it to the desired position.

New Report Structure

We've updated the P&L structure to a tree format, making it easier to navigate and analyze main and nested categories.

Custom Financial Categories

Now you can select which transaction categories to include in your P&L.

Assign P&L sections for transaction categories

Select a specific P&L section for each category. Sections are:

  • Expenses
  • Cost
  • Profit after taxation

With this update, you can group logistics and utility categories in Costs, or place profit distributions payments after the Profit before taxation section.

Added Stock Deduction Costs Into P&L

Cost equivalents of manual stock deductions can be included either in Cost or Expenses sections of P&L.

By default, all stock deductions are displayed in the Cost category of P&L. When managing deduction reasons in Inventory β†’ Stock deductions β†’ Reasons for deductions choose the P&L category to assign them to: Cost or Expenses.

Accrual Date of Transactions

Now, you can enter both transaction date and accrual date separately. Accrual dates are available for transactions created in the management console and at the POS register.

The Accrual date allows for the accounting of prepayments and postpayments, ensuring that the transaction amount is included in the correct P&L report. For example, a transaction dated in September will transfer funds in September, while an accrual date in August will include it in the August P&L, ensuring accurate record-keeping.

Supply and Cash Shift Transactions Are Not Included in P&L

We removed all transactions with 'Supply' and 'Cash Shift' categories from the P&L report by default. Such transactions cause duplication as supplies are already counted in Cost and Cash Shifts are included in Revenue.

If necessary, you can include them in P&L. Set this up in the Finance β†’ Categories tab.

Supply Date Equals Accrual Date

When you enable Include in P&L for the 'Supplies' financial category, the supply date will be used as the basis for accrual date.

For example, a supply added on October 30 and paid for on November 3 will be reflected in the P&L for October. However, the funds will be deducted from the selected account on November 3.

Taxes and Post-Tax Profit in P&L

This section shows the total amount of taxes for the period, broken down by each tax type.

πŸ“– More info about P&L:

Introducing Butcheries tool in Poster

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Shared by Max β€’ May 07, 2024

Now in Poster, you can break down or reprocess one product into another. We invite you to try it in Inventory β†’ Butcheries.

  • Break down products from different storage locations and instantly select a storage for the resulting products – no additional transfers or deductions needed.
  • Easily manage the cost of the resulting products.
  • Reprocess stock leftovers on any current or past date.

Let's dive deeper into where butcheries will become an indispensable helper to simplify inventory management.

  • If you purchase a whole carcass of meat, fish, or poultry, create the corresponding ingredient and add it to the inventory, then break it down into parts: poultry into fillets, wings, thighs, and soup sets; fish into steaks, bones, and more. With one action, set the cost and distribute the new products to the appropriate storage locations.
  • Reprocess eggs into whites and yolks, yesterday's bread into croutons or breadcrumbs, and leftover tomatoes into sauce. This function is perfect if you do not plan regular production and need to transform one type of leftover into another immediately.
  • Or transform products into ingredients and vice versa. For example, if you decide to uncork a bottle of wine from the bar that's listed as a product, transform it into the ingredient "Wine," measured in liters, and serve it by the glass.

☝️ Butcheries are available in Pro pricing plan. To use this feature, update your plan in Settings β†’ Billing or contact support.

πŸ“– What are Butcheries and how to work with them

Management console

Adding stock deduction costs into your P&L

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Shared by Max β€’ March 21, 2024

Now the costs of stock deductions are reflected in the P&L report. Categorize them as Cost or Expenses depending on the reason for deduction.

By default, stock deductions are allocated to the Cost category in your P&L. But, you can reallocate them based on your reasons.

For instance, you might choose the Cost category for the Expiry reason or Expenses for the deductions resulted from the Menu Development by your chef.

Add new reasons or modify existing ones in Inventory β†’ Stock deductions β†’ Reasons for deductions.

πŸ“– How to make a stock deduction


Make your QR Hub appealing and distinctive

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Shared by Max β€’ February 27, 2024

Add a cover that customers will see immediately after scanning the QR code.

To do this, go to Poster QR β†’ Design, and in the Cover block, click Upload'

You can upload a photo of your location, a current promotion, or customer greetings.


⭐️ Get feedback directly from your customers in Poster QR

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Shared by Max β€’ February 16, 2024

Big update! Now, Poster QR isn't just for browsing your online menu. Your customers can now leave feedback by scanning a QR code.

All feedback will instantly appear in the management console Reports β†’ Feedback tab. You can also get notifications about new feedback in Telegram.

Learn more in How to set up Feedback collection in Poster QR

Management console

Releasing Cash Flow Report

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Shared by Max β€’ February 13, 2024

We've updated financial report so you can track your business cash flow and remaining balance of funds in your accounts on a specific date.

Give it a try in the Finance β†’ Cash flow tab of your management console.

Remember it’s the first version of the report, and we aim to make it both comprehensive and user-friendly. So please leave your feedback at the top of the page so we can consider your suggestions in further updates.

  • βœ… Inspect Cash Inflow and Outflow. Maintain accurate financial records by seeing accumulation of your income and expenses.
  • βœ… Expand categories. Click on a category to see its transactions like Salary, utility bills, etc.
  • βœ… Avoid cash discrepancies. Reconcile the remaining cash balances after all expenses to avoid cash shortages.

πŸ’‘ To return to the old version of the report, follow the link at the top of the page.

πŸ“– Learn more in How to check the Cash flow


News: QR Hub

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Shared by Max β€’ February 09, 2024

We're bringing something new to Poster QR - it's called QR Hub. You already know how Poster QR provides websites for your cafe. Now, QR Hub is here to make experience for your dine-in customers smoother.

What's QR Hub? QR Hub is a simple extra we've added. It gives your customers options when they scan a QR code at your place. They can:

  • See your menu.
  • Share feedback about your service.

Why QR Hub?

  • Easy Feedback: Customers can let you know what they think, right from their phones.
  • Better Experience: Using separate QR codes for the tables inside and for your takeout packaging or business cards makes more sense and space for future upgrades of Poster QR particularly in the dine-in area.
  • Works with Your Website: If you've got a Poster QR website, QR Hub fits right in, adding more to what you already offer.

We hope QR Hub makes a good new piece for your cafe, helping you and your customers enjoy even more of what you do.

Management console

P&L Updates: Tree-structured categories and readability

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Shared by Max β€’ February 05, 2024

We're continuing to process your feedback on the new P&L report. This time, we've updated the report's structure. Head over to the Finance β†’ P&L tab and test out the updates.

  • To make navigating through multi-level subcategories even more convenient, we've updated the P&L structure. Now, the report has a tree-like structure, making it easier to see which categories are main and which are nested, simplifying the report analysis.
  • We've also enhanced the contrast of the lines to make the report easier to read.

Add categories and subcategories for transactions, include them into your P&L report and place them in a particular P&L category to get a detailed report on your location profits and expenses.

πŸ“– How to add transaction categories

πŸ“₯ Download QR Codes for printing with Poster QR

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Shared by Max β€’ January 31, 2024

Now you can choose different sticker designs, link QR codes to your tables and download any number of stickers.

πŸ’» Go to Poster QR β†’ QR Codes and click on Get QR Codes. Choose the QR Code for location option, specify how many codes you need, and click Download digital version for self-Printing. Such QR codes must be placed on your tables and cashier area to lead customers into Menu/Feedback hub.

πŸ’‘To print QR codes for business cards or delivery packaging, click QR Code for branded print. These QR codes are leading to your website introducing customers to your brand and facilitating online orders on your website.

❗️Note that linking QR stickers to particular tables does not allow placing orders from these tables. It's for browsing QR menu and leaving Feedback only. We're expecting to add placing orders soon.

πŸ“– Learn more in How to activate QR codes in Poster QR


πŸ• Add half servings

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Shared by Max β€’ January 11, 2024

Now, you can add half or partial portions of the dish at the POS register. This feature allows ordering partial items. For instance, you can offer two different half pizzas or half a bowl of salad.

πŸ’‘ To add half portion click on the dish in an open order. Click βˆ’0.5 to get a half portion or "+0.5" to make one and a half portions. You can also enter a custom value, like "0.25" to get a quarter. Price and cost of ingredients will be calculated based on the portion size.

☝️ Adding full portions remains the same. To add two or three portions of the item, click +1 or + next to the dish in the order.

☝️ Half portion is unavailable for:

  • Products
  • Items sold by weight
  • Dishes with modifiers

πŸ“– Learn more in How to add a half portion